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It is said that to tackle a problem effectively, you need to do so from the roots. You cannot reduce data consumption on WhatsApp effectively if you do not know what consumes data on WhatsApp.

In this article, we will discuss factors/features that consume data on WhatsApp after which we will proceed to learn how to reduce data consumption on whatsapp.

Now, what are these factors or features?

  1. Cellular Network speed
  2. WhatsApp calls (voice and video calls)
  3. WhatsApp contacts/groups/communities
  4. WhatsApp media download
  5. WhatsApp Backup
  6. WhatsApp background data
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Cellular Network speed:

Yea network speed is an important factor to consider. By network speed, I mean generations of cellular network. 2G Networks, 3G Networks, 4G Networks… (G stands for generation). The higher network speed used, the faster you access internet services (browsing, viewing statuses, streaming videos, receiving or sending messages etc..) and consequently, the more data you use.

WhatsApp calls (voice and video calls):

Yes, for every call made on WhatsApp, internet data is used. Although, voice calls use less data and video calls use more data. Estimates place WhatsApp’s data usage during video calls at 5mb per minute on 4G, 3.75mb on 3G, and 3mb on 2G. For voice calls, estimates place WhatsApp data usage at about 280kb per minute for calls in the same country and 330kb for calls to different countries. These are not official numbers though.

WhatsApp contacts/groups/communities:

The more WhatsApp contacts you have, the more data your WhatsApp consumes. Yes, this is because more statuses or messages will have to load when you open WhatsApp. Then viewing the statuses or downloading the messages consumes data too. More so, in WhatsApp groups or communities, there are a lot of participants and they can send messages or media files randomly, some of which are irrelevant and you cannot control these messages. All those messages require and use data to be received even if you don’t read them.

WhatsApp media download

Media files include images, videos, documents, voice notes etc. To download media on WhatsApp, data is required. By default, media is downloaded automatically and that consumes data. However, you can manage your data by making some changes on WhatsApp settings. You’ll also learn that in how to reduce WhatsApp data consumption.

WhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp backup is one of the major data consumers on WhatsApp. Backup is a feature whereby your messages and/or media is stored in the cloud. It consumes data, however you can save a lot of data even if you want to backup your WhatsApp data.

WhatsApp background data

Background data refers to the data used by the app when the app is not in use. In most devices, once you put on your internet data, every app has access to the internet. Interestingly, you can choose to allow or deny app access to background data. The data consumed when the app is being used is called foreground data.

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